The Israel Studies Review (ISR) is the journal of the Association for Israel Studies, an international and interdisciplinary scholarly organization dedicated to the study of all aspects of Israeli society, history, politics, and culture.

ISR (this Journal has appeared previously under the title Israel Studies Forum or Israel Studies Bulletin or Israel Studies Newsletter) explores modern and contemporary Israel from the perspective of the social sciences, history, the humanities, and cultural studies and welcomes submissions on these subjects. The journal also pays close attention to the relationships of Israel to the Middle East and to the wider world; it encourages scholarly articles with this broader theoretical or comparative approach provided the focus remains on modern Israel.

One of the main tasks of the ISR is to review in a timely manner recent books on Israel-related themes, published in English and Hebrew. Authors and publishers are invited to send their books for review consideration.

The Israel Studies Review editors fully recognize the passions and controversies present in this field. They are dedicated to the mission of the ISR as a non-partisan journal publishing scholarship of the highest quality, and are proud to contribute to the growth and development of the field of Israel Studies.

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Israel Studies Review

Volume 37/2022, 3 issues p.a.

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Dear AIS Members and Friends,

It is my pleasure to announce the new co-editors of the Israel Studies Review Journal: Professors Oded Haklai and Adia Mendelson-Maoz as co-editors, with Rami Zeedan as the Book Review Editor. The new editors will assume their positions this coming summer. All three are accomplished scholars in different fields of Israel Studies located in Canada, Israel and the United States. They represent a genuine cross-disciplinary and international collaboration which will surely be reflected in the future issues of the journal.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank the members of the search committee, chaired by Prof. Ilan Peleg, and including Prof. Ayelet Harel Shalev and Prof. Paul Scham for conducting a comprehensive and meticulous search process.   

Finally, I would like to thank Prof. Yoram Peri and Prof. Paul Scham for their long-time work as editors of the ISR. Thanks to them, the ISR has become one of the most prestigious publications in the field and a venue for excellent scholarship that enriched the field of Israel Studies as a whole.


Yael Aronoff

Annual Meeting