AIS 2024 Award Winners

The Association of Israel Studies is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2024 annual awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Chair: Eyal Zisser
Sum: 7,000$
Winner: Ilan Peleg (

Gad Barzilai Early Career Award

Chair: Ayelet Harel
Sum: 5000$
Winner: Aviad Moreno (

Ben Halpern Best Dissertation Award

Chair: Donna Robinson Divine
Sum: 2,000$
Winner: Omri Senderowitz (
Dissertation title: From Society to Community Privatizing the Israeli Kibbutz (1975-2020).

Honorable Mention:
Yair Berlin (
Dissertation title: אקלים רגשי וטקסטואליות ב’חברת הלומדים’ החרדית
Roni Tzoreff (
Dissertation title: Superfluous Jewish Material: Shiviti Objects in Zionist and Israeli Art and Visual Culture. 
Yulia Shevchenko (
Dissertation title: ממינסק וטביליסי לירוחם ושדרות:חוויות החיים של נשים פוסט-סובייטיות במרחבי השוליים של הדרום הישראלי

Yonathan Shapiro Best Book Award

Chair: Lihi Ben-Shitrit
Sum: 3,000$

Winners: Shay Rabineau (
(Walking the land: A history of Israeli hiking trails. Indiana University Press, 2023)
Viola Alianov-Rautenberg (
(No Longer Ladies and Gentlemen: Gender and the German-Jewish Migration to Mandatory Palestine. Stanford University Press, 2023.)

Baruch Kimmerling best graduate student paper

Chair: Joel Midgal
Sum: 1,000$

Winner: Maya Mark (
Paper title: “The Awakening of the Jewish World (1934): An Arabic History of Zionism.”

Dissertation completion

Chair: Nadav Shelef
Sum: 5,000$

Winner: Mordy Miller (
Dissertation title: Interactions Between Kabbalah and Political Ideologies Amongst Jewish-
Orthodoxy in the State of Israel in the Late 20th Century and Early 21st Century.
Honorable mention: Leehee Rothschild (
Dissertation title: Israeli Polyamorous and Queer Families in Practice: Living Arrangements, Child Rearing and Law.

Research Grant

Chair: Ami Pedazur
Sum: 5,000$ (1650$ each)

Roi Irani – (
Research title: Practice and Experience of Sexuality among Heterosexuals in Israel 1948-1969
Dan Chyutin – (
Research title: From Israeli Film to Israeli Film Culture: Charting Cinema Fandom in 1950s Israel
Eldad Brin – (
Research title: A Geopolitical and Social History of the Jerusalem Airport.

AIS Archive Grant 
Chair: Paula Kabalo
Sum: 5,000$ (2,500$ each)

Avital Ginat (
Research title: “Single by Choice: “Zionist Engagement and Migration to Palestine”
Galia Hasharoni (
Research title: “Old Life, New Land: Older Persons Immigration to Mandatory Palestine”