Events Related to Israel Studies

Condemning the Atrocities Committed by Hamas

The Association for Israel Studies (AIS) expresses its profound shock and horror at the inhuman brutality of the attacks carried out by Hamas. We are bound by grief and sorrow as we mourn the murder of over 1300 Israelis, including women, children, infants, and elderly people, as well as AIS members and their families, and citizens from various countries worldwide. Additionally, we are deeply appalled by the egregious taking of more than 150 hostages, comprising women, children, the elderly, and entire families and we call for their immediate and unconditional release. 

Whatever one’s ideological position on Zionism, on Israeli policy, on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there can be no condoning, understanding, or acceptance of mass murder and the kind of terror that was perpetrated on Saturday, 7 October, and that is in effect continuing right now. The acts carried out by Hamas not only defy shared values of humanity and compassion but are also a blatant affront to the principles of peace, decency and civility that underpin the global community and academia. The indiscriminate and ruthless murder of civilians, and the abhorrent kidnapping of families, subjecting them to immeasurable suffering and anguish, represent a human tragedy on a global scale and an inconceivable violation of human rights. 

The horrifying scale and nature of this vicious onslaught reveal nothing short of a grotesque disregard for the sanctity of human life and the dignity of the person. 

In these moments of profound anguish and grief, we summon the collective conscience of the international community to stand unified, vehemently denouncing Hamas for orchestrating this dark chapter of terror and violence, and ensuring that such a human tragedy will never take place ever again, anywhere in the world.