Expressing Our Deepest Condolences to Professor Ilan Troen and Family

Dear AIS Members and Friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the deeply sorrowful news concerning Professor Ilan Troen, a foundational pillar of the AIS, its former President, a dedicated longtime board member, and the honored co-recipient of the 2023 AIS Lifetime Achievement Award. Professor Troen’s daughter and son-in-law were tragically murdered in a terror attack that took place yesterday in Israel, leaving our community deeply shaken and heartbroken. In addition to this immense loss, Ilan’s grandson is recovering from injuries sustained in the same attack. We, the AIS community, extend our heartfelt wishes for his swift and full recovery, and envelop the entire family with our thoughts and prayers during this unimaginably difficult time. During this dark time, we extend our deepest condolences to Ilan, his wife Carol, and their entire family. They are firmly in our thoughts and prayers as we collectively mourn this tragic loss.

In these moments of profound grief and solidarity, let us come together to offer our support and compassion to Professor Troen and his family.

With heartfelt sympathy, SHELO TEDOU OD DEAVA