Reichman University Research Grants on Israeli Politics and Society

A Call for Proposals for Research Grants on Israeli Politics and Society

The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy,
Reichman University, invites young researchers to submit proposals for financial support of research.
The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility is a research institute exploring trends and processes in Israeli
politics. The Institute strives to strengthen the values, policies, and institutions vital to the survival of liberal
democracy in Israel, predicated on the core values espoused in the Israeli Declaration of Independence, with
an emphasis on safeguarding human rights and the rule of law.

Research Topics
The research grant is intended to support research which focuses on the study of Israeli politics and society.
Priority will be given to studies on topics related to political trust, political responsiveness, and political
participation in Israel.

Eligibility to Submit Proposals and Grant Conditions
A proposal may be submitted by any researcher who is currently studying for a PhD at a recognized academic
institution, or completed their PhD requirements over the last eight years, providing they are not a regular
faculty member in a recognized academic institution. The grant recipient will be asked to submit a progress
report one year after receiving the grant. A selected study will be presented at the Institute’s annual
conference, published on the website of The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility, and may be provided with
additional assistance toward academic publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
The grant will amount to up to ILS 10,000, and may be used by the researcher for various research purposes,
such as employing research assistants and funding data collection and analysis, however it may not be used
as compensation for the researcher. Any reimbursement will be provided against a legal receipt.
In addition, The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility offers the grant recipient an opportunity to add survey
questions to the periodical surveys conducted by The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility among
representative samples of the Israeli population.

Deadline for submission of research proposal: June 1, 2024. Decisions will be issued in July 2024, and the grant
will be made available to the researcher from October 2024. This research grant will be available to the
researcher for a period of one year.
As a condition for provision of the grant, the researcher is obligated to:
(1) Submit a report on the progress of their research on March 1, 2025, and on September 30, 2025, and
submit an abstract of the study by June 30, 2025. The abstract may be based on a paper which has
already been published (or accepted for publication), or summarize the key findings of the study in
case it had not yet been accepted for publication.
(2) Ensure that all publications arising from the study will acknowledge The Institute for Liberty and
Responsibility at Reichman University, as follows: “Data for this study was collected with the support
of The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility at Reichman University.”
(3) Provide The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility with a copy of any publication arising from the
study, shortly after publication. The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility will have the right to use
these publications on the Institute’s various media platforms.
Research Proposal

The research proposal (in Hebrew or English) will be up to five pages long (double spacing, font size 12), and
should include the following details:
(1) Summary of the objectives of the proposed research, referencing the main theoretical and empirical
background; description of the methodology and the data to be used.
(2) If the researcher wishes to add survey questions to a representative survey of the Israeli population,
these questions should be included in the proposal (up to five questions; an experimental vignette will
be considered one question). The researcher should state whether they intend to conduct an
(3) Budget breakdown. The budget proposal will include a detailed breakdown (around half a page) of
the planned financial expenditure in case the researcher receives the grant.
In addition, the researcher submitting the proposal should provide an up-to-date CV.
The proposal documents should be submitted via email to by June 1, 2024, with the subject
line stating, “Research Grant, The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility, [Submitter’s Name].” For any query,
please contact the email address above.