New Books

By: Asaf Siniver (ed.)

(Routledge, October 2022, ISBN: Hardback 9780367135942, eBook 9780429027376, 606 pages.)

Routledge Companion to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This Companion explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from its inception to the present day, demonstrating the depth and breadth of the many facets of the conflict, from the historical, political, and diplomatic to the social, economic, and pedagogical aspects. The contributions also engage with notions of objectivity and bias and the difficulties this causes when studying the conflict, in order to reflect the diversity of views and often contentious discussion surrounding this conflict.

The volume is organized around six parts, reflecting the core aspects of the conflict:

  • Historical and scholarly context of the competing narratives
  • Contemporary evolution of the conflict and its key diplomatic junctures
  • Key issues of the conflict
  • Its local dimensions
  • International environment of the conflict
  • The “other images” of the conflict, as reflected in public opinion, popular culture, the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, and academia and pedagogy. 

Providing a comprehensive approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this companion is designed for academics, researchers, and students interested in the key issues and contemporary themes of the conflict