Statement Regarding the Unfolding Events in Israel

Dear AIS Members and Friends,

We extend our thoughts and solidarity to all AIS members affected by the tumultuous events taking place in Israel. The past few weeks have witnessed intense conflict, and as you are acutely aware, Israel is engulfed in a state of war.

Many in the Israeli academic community have been summoned for active reserve duty. We also acknowledge that many families of the AIS members are navigating through perilous circumstances.

The impact of these events on the Israel Studies community is palpable and profound. The AIS Executive team is steadfast in our commitment to providing support to anyone within our community seeking assistance during this time.

The scope and tragic loss of life witnessed in these unfolding events is unprecedented.

We reiterate our unwavering commitment to aiding and supporting anyone in need during this challenging period. Should you require assistance or simply wish to reach out, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Rafi Cohen-Almagor, AIS President

Csaba Nikolenyi , AIS Vice-President

Asaf Shamis, Executive Director