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By: Eva Illouz with Avital Sicron

(Polity Press, 2023, Paperback, ISBN 9781509558193, 232 pages)

The Emotional Life of Populism: How Fear, Disgust, Resentment, and Love Undermine Democracy

Throughout the world, democracy is under assault from various populist movements and ideologies. To make sense of this, the sociologist Eva Illouz argues that we must understand the crucial role that emotions play in our political life. Taking the case of Israel as her prime example, she shows that populist politics rest on four key emotions: fear, disgust, resentment, and love for one’s country. It is the combination of these four emotions and their relentless presence in the political arena that nourishes and underpins the rise and persistence of populism both in Israel and in many other countries around the world. 

June 2023 | Paperback | ISBN 9781509558193 | Regular Price: US$22.95 – 20% off: US$18.36

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