Routledge Handbook on Zionism

Cambridge University Press, 2024

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AIS 2024 Award Winners

AIS 2024 Award Winners The… Read More

Annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference in Israel Studies

6th Annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference… Read More

Exploring The Lived Experience And Perspectives Of Girls and Young Women in Israel and Palestine

Exploring The Lived Experience And… Read More

Institute for Advanced Israel Studies Fellowship 2024-25

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Reichman University Research Grants on Israeli Politics and Society

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Israel, American Jews, and Palestinian Rights: 1948-1978

Israel, American Jews, and Palestinian… Read More

Brown University Visiting Professorship in Israel Studies

Brown University Visiting Professorship in… Read More

Special Issue: Kibbutzim And Moshavim In Israel – New Research Directions

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New Israeli Horror: Local Cinema, Global Genre

Cambridge University Press, 2024

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The Media and the Israel-Hamas War

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Reichman University Postdoctoral Position

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AIS Archive Grant

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