The Kimmerling Award for Best Graduate Paper

The Kimmerling Prize is awarded by the Association for Israel Studies for the best paper presented by a graduate student at the AIS annual meeting. This award honors the memory of Baruch Kimmerling (1939-2007), a leading public intellectual and sociologist in Israel. He wrote, published and edited more than a dozen books on Israel and the Palestinians, introducing new perspectives for the understanding of Israeli society.

Details about next year's awards will be announced at a later date. 

Past Recipients of the Kimmerling Prize:

- Paper presented at the 2022 meeting: Marie Behrendt (University of Potsdam), “Journalism and Democracy: Changes in Israeli Press Ethics as Reflected".

- Paper presented at the 2019 meeting: Hayim Katsman (University of Washington), “The Hyphen Cannot Hold: Contemporary Trends in Religious Zionism".

- Paper presented at the 2018 meeting: Netta Galnoor (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “From Jewish Sentiments to Rational Exhortations: Battle Missives in the Israeli Defense Force 1948-2014”.

- Paper presented at the 2017 meeting: Adrian Krupnik (Tel Aviv University), “Between Return and a Hard Place: Argentinian Returnees from Israel in 1966”.

- Paper presented at the 2016 meeting: Geoffrey Levin (New York University), “Enlightening a Stained Democracy: The American Jewish Committee and Israel’s Palestinian Arab Minority, 1949-1966”.

- Paper presented at the 2015 meeting: Shaiel Ben-Ephraim (University of Calgary), "Allowing Kids to Become Goats: Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories”.

- Paper presented at the 2014 meeting: Shirly Bahar (New York University), "Un/believable Spec/tacles: Performances of Martyrdom and Masquerades of Terrorism in Mohammed Bakri’s Jenin Jenin and Since You Left".

- Paper presented at the 2013 meeting: Dana Gold (Western University, Canada), "The Politics of Emotion: A Case Study of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict".

- Paper presented at the 2012 meeting: Shay Hazkani (New York University), "Soldiers' Political Indoctrination in the IDF, 1948-1957".

- Paper presented at the 2011 meeting: Yoav Mehozay, "The FLuid Jurisprudence of Israel's Emergency Powers: Legal Patchwork as a Governing Norm."

- Paper presented at the 2010 meeting: Anat Stern, "Shortages and Civil Conduct: IDF Response to Civilian Criminality."

- Paper presented at the 2009 meeting: Ziv Rubinovitz, "Blue & White 'Black September': Israel’s Role in the Jordan 1970 Crisis."

- Paper presented at the 2008 meeting: Ben Herzog, "The Revocation of Citizenship in Israel."

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